Chicago Children’s Choir has programs throughout Chicago for students ages 8–18.

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Neighborhood Choirs

We accept new members in the Neighborhood Choir Program during New Singer Days several times throughout the year at each rehearsal location.

No prior experience is necessary to join the Neighborhood Choir Program. The audition process is quick and simple, open to students in grades 3 and up. Singers do not need to prepare anything for the audition. We are looking for students who can match pitch and have an enthusiasm for singing.

Additionally, we seek students who aspire to excellence and are willing and able to commit to twice-weekly rehearsals for the season.

To request audition information, click here.


Auditions for DiMension are held in June for the following school year.

The DiMension ensemble is designed for young men with changing or recently changed voices. During the audition, a conductor will listen for the singer’s ability to match pitch, check music reading skills, test for basic movement abilities and the ability to hold one’s voice part against others.

For more information about DiMension, click here.

Voice of Chicago

Auditions for Voice of Chicago are held in June for the following school year.

At the Voice of Chicago level, all entering singers are expected to be able to read music. Particular emphasis is given to singing in tune, being able to hold one’s part in harmony, and singing with confidence. Auditions for this level will focus on these musical aspects and will also include a sight-singing and music theory test.

For more information about Voice of Chicago, click here.

In-School Choirs

Chicago Children’s Choir provides choral programming to schools throughout Chicago. If you are interested in bringing a Chicago Children’s Choir program to your school, please complete the In-School Application.

For additional questions about the In-School Program, please contact Pam Shortall.


For Neighborhood Choirs, DiMension and Voice of Chicago, tuition is charged to cover a portion of the actual cost of the program to the organization. Based on a sliding scale, tuition is determined by family household income in order to make programs affordable regardless of financial situation. Additional fees may apply, including uniform or camp fees.

For In-School Choirs, schools are charged a fee to cover a portion of the actual cost of the program to the organization. Click here to learn more about In-School Choirs.