“We are honored to provide these opportunities and hope that Voice of Chicago’s example as international ambassadors will continue to inspire the 4,600 children in our programs across Chicago.”
— Josephine Lee

Nearly 70 Chicago Children’s Choir singers travelled to Italy from July 4-13 for a concert tour spanning six cities and including the world-renowned Ravenna Festival, Porretta Terme Soul Festival and Ravello Festival.

In collaboration with partners across the globe, CCC singers have toured 25 countries to promote international musical exchange and to develop our singers as global citizens. Tour experiences are invaluable as they provide our singers the opportunity to learn from and connect with diverse cultures through music.

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Tour Ambassador Reflections

Italy Tour | Day One

We're on our way to Italy! Tour Ambassador Marleigh Belsley shares her excitement for her first international tour with CCC.

Italy Tour | Day Two

Our time in Italy begins with a picturesque tour of Modena.

Italy Tour | Day Three

Our first concert of tour presented by Ravenna Festival was a great success! Tour Ambassador Sophia Byrd shares her appreciation for the connections made with her fellow singers and the Ravenna audience.

Italy Tour | Day Four

Tour Ambassador Kevin Walters reflects on our day hiking alongside forty African refugees in San Benedetto in Alpe.

Italy Tour | Day Five

Singers and staff toured the city of Bologna and performed on the grounds of Castello Rocchetta Mattei for Porretta Terme Soul Festival.

Italy Tour | Day Six

CCC visited Cometa to connect with Coro di Oliver. Tour Ambassador Zoe Strong shares her admiration of the school in Como, Cometa Formazione.

Italy Tour | Day Seven

Singers and staff toured Milan and performed for a private benefit with Cometa Choir. Tour Ambassador Sofia Kouri reflects on the value of connecting with singers of Cometa Formazione.

Italy Tour | Day Eight

CCC toured Rome. Tour Ambassador Stella Shiffrin shares her firsthand account of the day.

Italy Tour | Day Nine

Singers and staff travel to the Amalfi Coast for a final tour performance presented by Ravello Festival. Tour Ambassadors Alex du Buclet and Madysen Ward share unforgettable memories from the evening.