School Programs - Chicago Children's Choir

Chicago Children’s Choir’s In-School Choir Program will begin the 2020-21 year in a virtual model, while continuing to provide rich and inspiring programming to students.

Why CCC?

The power of music bridges divides, including race, gender and religion. With the voice as our instrument, choir provides a barrier-free tool for self-expression and a meaningful way to experience community.

Chicago Children’s Choir delivers an unparalleled experience, complete with high-level instruction, rigorous expectations and unique virtual performance opportunities, helping your students reach their potential as musicians and as people.

Throughout the year, singers will have the opportunity to:

  • Learn music from many genres and cultures – authentic to the style and language of each piece, incorporating movement as appropriate
  • More deeply understand how music is created across artistic traditions
  • Engage in dialogue about the historical and social context of music learned and its relevance today
  • Feel a sense of pride through high expectations and opportunities for virtual performance
  • Build life-long friendships

Our Method

We inspire youth from diverse backgrounds to become global leaders through music. We approach choral singing comprehensively, allowing singers to fully explore the expressive qualities of music. Our model is in line with the National Standards for Music Education and Illinois Arts Learning Standards.

How Does It Work?

Chicago Children’s Choir’s virtual learning program has been designed to adapt to school models offering virtual or small group in-person learning, allowing programming to occur while students are in school or at home. All participants must have access to the internet, a device with access to Google Classroom and headphones if sessions are being held at school.

CCC Virtual Program 

  • Who: Cohorts of ~15 choir students (may be selected from mixed classroom pods)
  • What: 30 minute live, interactive sessions with select choir students via Google Classroom 
  • When: Weekly 30 minute sessions* with each cohort

*Schedule mutually agreed upon between school and CCC

Please reach out to Pam Shortall, Director of School Programs and Special Projects at if you would like to see CCC’s programming implemented in a different way at your school.