Family Engagement Task Force - Chicago Children's Choir

The Family Engagement Task Force supports Chicago Children’s Choir’s overall communication and community building efforts with participant families.

This committee provides caregiver perspective on the CCC experience, shares opportunity for family involvement and advocates for CCC programs. This committee is comprised of caregivers whose children are currently enrolled in Choir programs and is chaired by a member of the Board of Directors.

*Board Members


Jeff Steele* - Chair of the Family Engagement Task Force

Trena Burke

Steve Bynum

Shawana Campbell

Jennifer Chung

Jamie Cvengros

Ladonna Freidheim

Anna Gonzalez

Dr. Jacqueline Griesdorn*

Nicole Hall

Julie Herr

Ellee Pai Hong*

Matt Parr*

Renee Salomon

Leah Talmers

Kate Woltzen

Sabrina Wright